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Our Vision

Our vision is to develop a steady approach and turn out to be one of the leading performers in providing quality IT solutions in the competitive global market. Apparently our specialized, flexible and integrated process is reflected in all the accomplished work. We always guide our customers to success and will continue to provide them with excellent quality work at a competitive price. We have the ability to accelerate and rapidly contribute to the great work or products of one’s Organization or business.

Our Mission

We have a combined mission to establish a benchmark in IT firm through excellent solutions. Fortunately, we have been able to bring together a talented crew of professionals shaped and moulded by their collective experiences in the agency, corporate and private industries, all of which possess outstanding talent. With the help of experts, we’ll be able to unleash our full potential in the market. The synergy of what SSNWA does comes from a blend of passion for success and the skill to help accelerate your Organization.

HR Values



"The world is but a canvas to our imaginations." — Henry David Thoreau

No power great or small can achieve that which an innovative mind can and we strongly believe that innovation is what ultimately separates a good organization from a great one. At MCS, we practice creativity and innovation in our daily life. As discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought, we encourage our people to think out-of-the-box and continuously test time-tried principles and processes.


ORGANISATIONAL PRIDE & OWNERSHIP “An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success." - Stephen Covey

We believe that when individuals chart their own course to success, an organization reaches destinations no other has ever. The most effective way of achieving this is by enabling employees at all levels to use their creative abilities. Taking control of one’s destiny through action and ownership of responsibilities and goals is the ultimate step to success. At MCS, we offer all our employees to take charge of things and we give them freedom of thought and action that authorizes every individual to think, decide, behave and control work and decision-making in an autonomous way.


“Most good relationships are built on mutual trust and respect.” - Mona Sutphen

We are our greatest judge. And at MCS, we know that mutual trust and respect towards our colleagues, seniors and other people is the greatest strength. For us, trust is everything. We do not tolerate dishonesty and disloyalty as even the smallest unscrupulous act can cause great harm. At all times, as the company thinks of the welfare of its employees, all MCSers think about the welfare of the company. Every employee is motivated to be completely responsible for individual actions, tasks, results and delivery. At MCS, a set of values are laid down for every employee and they are followed by all. For no matter how strong is the wind the rooted one stays firm and grows tall.


“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but LEGENDARY.” – Sam Walton

At MCS, we believe that if you work just for money then you will never make it but if you love what you are doing and you always put the customer first then success will be yours. We are a completely customer centric organization and we leave no stone unturned in order to fulfill our customers’ expectations. Keeping the customer above everything has helped us reach where we are today and the importance of the same has been etched in the heart and mind of all MCSers. We constantly work towards understanding the needs of our customers and take steps towards meeting and exceeding them.

Working with us

Life is about balance, and an all-work-no-play culture is completely discouraged at MCS, and, instead personal development is highly encouraged. To this end, we have put in place strict work-hour codes, and created an environment conducive to a well-balanced life. Our people have plenty of time and space to pursue personal passions, strengthen friend-and-family relationships and have me-time. We completely understand that salary is not the only thing which drives people from within. We offer them the flexibility to have a wonderful personal life, make a living and raise a family; excel in their career and without compromising any of them. At MCS, we build an environment that is supportive of and focused on the development of our employees. We believe in empowering every individual, no matter at what level, which is why we value innovation, integrity and initiative. We therefore hold regular workshops and training sessions to ensure our employees are equipped to add value to their own careers, as well as to the progress of the organisation as a whole.

Growth @ MCS

MCS is one of the few Stainless Steel manufacturing companies in India that provides a lifetime comprehensive career plan. At MCS, our team of qualified and experienced HR professionals carefully analyses the strengths of a person and accordingly assigns future job roles to match those. People can chart their own career options at MCS wherein they clearly know the ladder to the top. MCS provides an open canvas of equal opportunities for each individual.

Professional Growth

At MCS you can start your career from campus and grow to head a business unit. We recruit from campuses all across India and provide them opportunity to grow themselves professionally while working with a team of experienced professionals.

Growth Opportunity

Endless growth opportunities in an open and entrepreneurial environment where your team mates and manager become your best friends.

Vibrant work culture

MCS is a company where you will witness the perfect blending of diversity in languages, experience, knowledge, background and cultures which our strong and growing workforce of 9000+ employees bring on board. It is this diversity which creates a vibrant work culture at MCS and which provides a wonderful work ambience to its employees.

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